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Powrmatic To Host Customer Evaporative Cooling Training Day

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20 February 2017

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Powrmatic is hosting a customer training day for specifiers and installers of HVAC equipment for its Coolair  CPL1100 Evaporative Cooler for commercial and industrial applications. The event will be held at Trent Bridge cricket club in Nottinghamshire on 26th April 2017, with breakfast, lunch and other refreshments provided.

The comprehensive programme will cover every aspect of sizing and designing evaporative cooling systems, as well as installation and control configuration. Delegates will also be given a thorough grounding in maintenance and diagnostics.

Coolair evaporative coolers are manufactured by Seeley International, Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer and have recently been introduced to the UK by Powrmatic.

They offer a cost-effective alternative to refrigerated cooling products, whilst also using significantly less energy to maintain comfort conditions. As such, they are ideal for spot cooling, delivering an envelope of cool, high velocity air directly to a specific area, irrespective of the surrounding conditioning. Air within the environment is cooled and completely replaced every few minutes.

This is achieved by circulating water through a cooling pad so that as air is drawn through the pad it is cooled by evaporation (adiabatic cooling). The key to effective performance is to match the sizes of pads, fan and motor to the needs of the conditioned space, so this will be a major focus of the training day – as well as ensuring delegates fully understand the principles involved.

The Coolair CPL1100 encompasses models to suit a wide range of cooling requirements, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, farm buildings, educational & leisure buildings and storage areas. To find out more about ‘How Evaporative Cooling Works’ then head over to our blog here.

To register for the training day, email [email protected] or call 01460 256418 with details of attendees, your company name and your contact details. Or complete the form the below:



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