Vehicle Repair Workshop Heating - Calor Gas

Vehicle Repair Workshop Heating Solution

In partnership with SDF Mechanical, Powrmatic supplied 1 externally cited CPx weatherproofed ducted heater to serve a 3- bay vehicle workshop for Calor Gas’s lorry fleet and trailer repairs in Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk.

  • “It was great to work with SDF Mechanical again on this project. The installation was seamless, and the solution resolved all the problems from the client. The building now benefits from an energy-efficient heating solution whilst also saving valuable inside space for the workshop.”

    Chris Spencer - Powrmatic Area Sales Manager - South East

Project Background

The existing Calor Gas vehicle workshop heaters had been serviced by SDF mechanical for several years and due to spare parts now being obsolete it was decided to look for a replacement scheme. There had been an issue with tall lorries coming into the bay where the existing heaters had been fitted restricting access at times. SDF mechanical decided that an alternative solution was available via Powrmatic.



Project Solution

Where there are flammable vapours that are heavier than air (e.g. petrol), BS6230 dictates that warm air heaters can only be used if all incoming air to the heater is outside air (no recirculated air) and the outlets from ducts into the space are at least 1.8m above floor level. SDF mechanical suggested an externally mounted warm air heater which would save internal space, maximise the heating output and comply with current regulations. The new external, fully weatherproofed CPx cabinet heater was mounted onto a new concrete base with all stainless-steel gas pipework supplying the unit.


Project Result

The newly installed CPx external cabinet heater was controlled by a Powrmatic MC200 controller inside the building with a high/low firing setup. New ductwork was also fitted by SDF Mechanical to supply warm air across the whole workshop. Inside the building, destratification fans were installed which assisted with re-circulating any warm air at high level inside the building and distributing it back to low level where it was required, therefore maximizing the efficiency of the system.

CPx Heater
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