SRP PVL Vacuum Linear & PVU U-Tube Radiant Heaters

The PVL Vacuum Linear & PVU U-Tube Radiant Heaters Superior Radiant Products (SRP®) from Powrmatic feature optimal comfort and energy savings with two-stage technology. High/low capability allows for quicker recovery on the high fire and economical steady operation on the low fire with either U-Tube, Single Vacuum Linear configurations. SRP Linear & U-Tube Radiant Heaters comprises with outputs ranging from 20 to 50kW offering maximum efficiency from lightweight radiant heating tubes providing direct heat and warmth in a multitude of industrial, commercial and retail applications.

  • kW OUTPUT20-50
  • Benefits


    • Low NOx Technology
    • Vacuum Burner
    • Efficient Reflector Profile
    • U-Tube or Linear Configurations
    • Effective Spot Heating Solution
  • Features

    Trusted Partnership

    Superior Radiant Products (SRP®) is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient infrared heating solutions and is dedicated to providing superior technology and superior performance.

  • Features

    Brackets & Suspension

    Vacuum Linear & U-Tube Radiant Heaters supported by heavy-duty galvanised hangars with single or double point suspension from the building structure. These rugged hangers are designed to carry the weight of the entire system and can be supported to direct the emitter at a 45 degree angle if needed.

  • Features

    Efficient Reflectors

    Competition falls short SRP’s reflector directs nearly 100% of all energy from the tube into the space, and is the most efficient reflector in the industry. Using premium ASTM 1100 Aluminium, the reflectors are formed with a 100% efficient reflector profile designed to maximise the downward radiant heating effect and increase maximum efficiency.

  • Features

    Multi-Burner Herringbone System

    The range can be supplied with either induced vacuum burners or forced blown burners to provide different technically sound options. Unitary heaters may be installed with individual flues or combined to form a “Herringbone” type single flue system where site conditions dictate.

  • Features

    High-Low Burner Technology

    The range offers two stage high/low burners as standard. Automatic operation is ensured using the MC200 energy saving controllers with remote black-radiant sensors. Quick heat up and recovery is enhanced with additional fuel savings whilst excellent spot heated environmental comfort is guaranteed.

  • Features

    Heat Treated Tube Design

    Made with a heat treated aluminised calorised emitter tube surface - for flake free and cleaner working environment and little maintenance. The superior emissivity provides maximum radiant output whilst reducing emission levels.


All of Powrmatic’s documents are available as PDFs. Simply click on the links below to download them.

Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here


Product Accessories

    • MC200 Heater Digital Controller

      MC200 Single Heater Digital Controller

      The MC200 is a digital, high specification controller for individual heaters which provides the flexibility of variable time and temperature control with optimum start/stop with weather compensation, adjustable frost protection, remote burner reset and summer fan-only operation as standard.

      Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here

    • Single Wall Flue System

      Supra + Single Wall Flue System

      The SUPRA Plus Single Wall Flue System range is specifically designed to meet the demands of the latest high efficiency condensing heating appliances. The system is supplied complete with factory fitted and bonded elastomer seals, offering peace of mind and reduced installation time for the installer.

      Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here


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