SRP PCV & PCV+ Continuous Radiant Tube Heating System

The new ETL approved continuous radiant tube heating system from Powrmatic & SRP continues to the lead the industry with its innovative, patented, value-added and feature-rich, position tuned burners, high-efficiency continuous Premier Vacuum radiant systems. The PCV and PCV+ systems are custom engineered to provide the unsurpassed efficiency, comfort and control demand in each application.


  • Benefits


    • ETL Approved
    • >90% season space heating energy efficiency
    • Modulating burner/system technology
    • Aluminium alloy vacuum exhaust fans
    • Large floor area coverage
    • Single roof flue penetration per system
    • Superior construction
    • Unique extremely efficient reflector design
    • Uniform heat output
    • Patented burner design, with cast-iron burner head
  • Features

    Trusted partnership

    Superior Radiant Products (SRP®) is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient infrared heating solutions and is dedicated to providing superior technology and superior performance.

  • Features

    ETL Approved Product

    This demonstrates that the PCV & PCV+ continuous radiant heating product has been validated following a review against government-approved high performing energy efficiency criteria, with a Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiency of greater than 90%. This results in reduced energy usage/lower energy bills, quicker payback of the cost of purchase, through reduced operational costs and reduced carbon dioxide emissions (helping to combat climate change). Improving energy efficiency is one of a variety of measures that organisations can take to improve their environmental credentials, and is one of the most cost-effective ways to decrease energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Features

    Design Flexibility

    The PCV & PCV+ systems take full advantage of the performance synergies that only an engineered system can provide. Unlike other “systems” which merely connect multiple unitary style heaters, this maximum design flexibility ensures that all the performance and energy savings requirements of the application can be realized.

  • Features

    Stoichiometric Combustion

    The stoichiometric combustion process enables thermal efficiencies of up to 95% to be achieved which combined with the well-known benefits of radiant heat maximise fuel savings. Zero governor burner technology ensures safe and reliable operation resulting in ‘perfect’ combustion of the gas and air through the stoichiometric conditions.

  • Features

    Custom continuous design

    The PCV & PCV+ continuous radiant tube heating system are specifically designed to suit individual building requirements providing very efficient heating performance with high potential to reduce energy costs. Designs are further enhanced by a full complement of additional features, including unique highly efficient reflector design, more even heat output throughout the radiant branch, multiple vacuum pump sizes resulting in less building penetrations and advanced modulating control options.

  • Features

    >90% Season Space Heating Energy Efficiency

    The PCV & PCV+ systems are high performing energy-efficient products
    Even where capital costs are higher – which is not always true – a solid business case often exists for investment in equipment that meets higher energy efficiency performance standards when considering the total cost of ownership. Improved levels of energy efficiency reduce operating costs and lower energy bills. These savings shorten the payback period for new equipment. The use of higher energy efficiency equipment also results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions, helping to combat climate change.

  • Features

    Less Building Penetrations

    The PCV & PCV+ systems are exclusively designed to the prerequisites of the design brief and the structural/thermal constraints of the facility to be heated. The continuous radiant systems design flexibility allows a match of comfort needs for any application which results in a minimal building penetration reducing costs and improving installation time.


All of Powrmatic’s documents are available as PDFs. Simply click on the links below to download them.

Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here


Product Accessories

    • MC200 Heater Digital Controller

      MC200 Single Heater Digital Controller

      The MC200 is a digital, high specification controller for individual heaters which provides the flexibility of variable time and temperature control with optimum start/stop with weather compensation, adjustable frost protection, remote burner reset and summer fan-only operation as standard.

      Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here

    • Single Wall Flue System

      Supra + Single Wall Flue System

      The SUPRA Plus Single Wall Flue System range is specifically designed to meet the demands of the latest high efficiency condensing heating appliances. The system is supplied complete with factory fitted and bonded elastomer seals, offering peace of mind and reduced installation time for the installer.

      Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here


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