Powrmatic WX Water Heater

The WX water heater is a revolutionary hot water system that is designed to deliver exceptional performance while providing reliable and energy-efficient hot water to residential and commercial properties. All WX units are available with a three-speed energy-efficient EC motor which gives guaranteed performance efficiency and is specifically designed to be fully compatible with ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) systems.

  • kw output3-75
  • Benefits


    • Energy saving EC motor technology
    • ASHP Compatability
    • Low noise level
    • Long lifetime
    • Highly versatile due to extensive configuration options
    • Available as 230V or 400V
    • IP class 54
  • Features

    Energy Saving EC Motors

    EC motors guarantee maximum unit efficiency even at reduced speed. Stepless rotation regulation is now available for EC motors allowing the unit to adapt to any requirements.

  • Features

    ASHP Compatability

    The WX range of products is specifically designed to be fully compatible with ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) systems. These innovative units have the ability to efficiently operate with lower flow and return temperatures, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings. By seamlessly integrating with ASHP systems, the WX range brings enhanced flexibility, allowing for effective heating that can that significantly reduces carbon emissions.

  • Features


    Made of the highest class ABS with an anti-UV pigment mixture, the casing is characterized by high mechanical strength, durability, and resistance to high temperatures. The material provides for unchangeable aesthetics, easy to clean surfaces and long-term durability

  • Features

    Heat Exchanger

    1, 2 and 3-row heaters featuring increased heat exchange surfaces guarantee optimal match of the heating power to the requirements of the facility; Enhanced heat transfer surface and ability to work with low temperatures agents; All exchangers are tested to guarantee 100% verification of tightness.

  • Features

    Maximum Air Output

    Our ideally matching fan casing and a dedicated diffuser provide for an equal distribution of air speed in the exchanger to secure small flow resistance rates and full use of the exchanger’s power output

  • Features

    Design Excellence

    Precisely designed casing form ensures optimal exchanger surface exposure at the same time hiding all of the structural elements. The light and clean casing lines combined with a universal color palette provide for harmonious adaptation to every room type.


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