Powrmatic/Tub-One Gas-Fired Radiant Strip Heating System

With the introduction to the UK market of the Tub-One radiant strip system Powrmatic continues to lead the industry with this proven highly efficient Impresind product, with its state-of –the –art design, patented tube assembly technique and recirculation system maintaining a constant temperature of the radiant tubes. The Tub-One range has combustion units from; 35 to 300kW providing heat coverage circuit lengths of 20m, suitable for small installations up to 130m for larger facilities.

  • FUEL TYPENatural Gas / Propane (excl RCF 300)
  • Benefits

    Radiant Strip

    • Low NOx technology
    • External or Internal burner
    • External gas distribution
    • Fuel saving technology
    • Uniform thermal comfort
    • Superior construction
    • Burner maintenance remote from heated area
    • Calorised aluminized steel
  • Features

    Trusted partnership

    In partnership with Imopresind, Tub-One is a modern, efficient and fast-installation radiant heater thanks to the special modular system designed by IMPRESIND.

  • Features

    External Burner

    The benefits of the stainless steel external burner are; NO gas or electrical distribution within the facility, NO serviceable or maintainable components within the facility and NO system noise within the heated area. Easy access for service/maintenance outside of the heated area

  • Features

    Multi-stage Burner

    The multi-stage, multi-gas air-vein burner is designed for 70% re-circulation of the products of combustion to ensure uniform tube temperatures. Low NOx burner, Class 2/3, SSHEE; 74.3 to 75.9%, can be wall or roof-mounted at 45 degree angle.

  • Features

    Radiant Modules

    The linear radiant sections of; 1, 2 & 4m in length for ease of installation are supplied in component form and assembled on site. The fittings such as elbows, offsets modules etc. are supplied assembled and are ready-to-use.

  • Features

    Radiant Tubes

    The radiant tubes are manufactured from Calorised Aluminised Steel guaranteeing extended system life.

  • Features

    HTSG Nipple Joints

    The connection between the radiant lengths and the various modules is by a patented HTSG nipple joint. This unique connecting system of the tubes without the use of silicone avoids the displacement of the various components of the radiant strip caused by thermal expansion.

  • Features


    the anodized aluminium, polished and hammered reflectors cover the large duct resulting in high radiant emissivity.

  • Features

    System at high level

    No floor space lost to heating plant as the system is suspended at high level and there are no distribution losses as the system is installed directly above the area to be heated.

  • Features

    System Technology

    Negative pressure system, pressurised and modulating burner, double-block gas valve, with stainless steel combustion chamber. Combustion air control under the influence of an air pressure differential switch and heat-carrier fluid recirculation system.

  • Features

    System control

    Temperature control of single units / groups, or complete system control via PC network, BMS or ModBUS

  • Features


All of Powrmatic’s documents are available as PDFs. Simply click on the links below to download them.

Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here


Product Accessories

    • MC200 Heater Digital Controller

      MC200 Single Heater Digital Controller

      The MC200 is a digital, high specification controller for individual heaters which provides the flexibility of variable time and temperature control with optimum start/stop with weather compensation, adjustable frost protection, remote burner reset and summer fan-only operation as standard.

      Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here

    • Single Wall Flue System

      Supra + Single Wall Flue System

      The SUPRA Plus Single Wall Flue System range is specifically designed to meet the demands of the latest high efficiency condensing heating appliances. The system is supplied complete with factory fitted and bonded elastomer seals, offering peace of mind and reduced installation time for the installer.

      Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here


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