MC200 Single Heater Digital Controller

The MC200 is a digital, high specification controller for individual heaters which provides the flexibility of variable time and temperature control with optimum start/stop with weather compensation, adjustable frost protection, remote burner reset and summer fan-only operation as standard. The MC200 heater digital controller is designed for ease of use and to maximise the performance of your heating system controlling only the unit heater.

  • Remote control LNVx / OUH / SRP Radiant / CP+
  • factory fittedCPx / VPx / T.E
  • Program24-hour
  • Benefits


    • Simple to use controls
    • Instant temperature adjustment
    • Back lit display
    • Password-controlled access
    • mounting flexibility
  • Features

    Flexible control

    The MC200 heater digital controller has the ability to set a variety of time and temperature programs, whilst still enabling the user to adjust the temperature within controlled limits if required. Adjustable frost protection protects against low temperatures. The MC200 also allows for remote burner lockout reset, and summer fan only operation

  • Features

    Energy-saving heating control

    Optimum start technology is available that will continually monitor the heating systems previous performance to determine the optimum time to turn the heating on to raise the space temperature to the required level for when occupancy begins. Optimum stop can also be selected which can save energy at the end of the heating period.

  • Features

    Security protected

    The control uses a simple menu-based structure for entering User settings and is protected by 2 levels of password. The User password may be set to restrict access to certain User controls. The second password is for use by commissioning and servicing engineers and allows access to parameters normally used only in the initial setting of the controller, a fault log and system reset facility

  • Features

    Stand-alone or factory fitted

    The MC200 can control one heater which includes the LNVx, OUH, SRP Radiant products and the CP+ whilst being factory fitted to the CPx, VPx and T.E Air Rotation heater giving you complete control of your heating system.


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