Powrmatic Vision H₂O

The Powrmatic H₂O Vision model is water-cooled air conditioning a highly efficient heat pump air conditioner with the ability to connect to any existing water supply within your room. The Vision H2O removes the need for an outdoor unit and external holes/grilles saving you costs on installation and improving the aesthetic appearance of your building. The Vision H20 only requires its own cold water mains connection and a wastewater drain.

  • MountingHigh & Low Wall
  • SupplyElectric
  • Installation Time3/4 Hours
  • Benefits

    No drilling.

    • No Building Pentrations
    • No Outdoor Unit
    • Superslim Design
    • WiFi Control / Touch Screen / Remote Control
    • Low Running Noise Level
    • Energy Efficient
    • Simply & Easy Installation
  • Features

    No Outdoor Condenser or external grilles

    The Vision H₂O, water-cooled air conditioning removes the need for an outdoor unit and external holes/grilles saving you costs on installation and improving the aesthetic appearance of your building. The perfect solution for listed buildings where the fabric of the building cannot be comprised whilst still providing an effective heating and cooling solution for the rooms.

  • Features

    WiFi Enabled Control

    The easy to use app displays current temperature settings and allows the user to change temperature, fan speed, and air flow direction from anywhere at the touch of a button. In applications such as hotel buildings, the reception desk can activate, control, and deactivate each unit in every room depending on the occupancy. They can warm-up or cool down the room before hotel guests arrive, and ensure the units are switched off when the room is unoccupied saving valuable energy consumption.

  • Features

    The perfect Hotel Room A/C Solution

    The Vision H₂O features clean lines in a contemporary, eye-catching style that will complement any décor with and no sight of an outdoor condenser it makes the unit ideal for hotel rooms, restaurants and many other hospitality applications. It also allows for air conditioning on listed buildings. With a depth of just 17cm, the Vision is by far the slimmest unit in this category of product.

  • Features

    Retro-Fit Installation

    The Vision H₂O can be retrofitted into many applications where there is a current A/C system. With no requirement for an external condenser, and extensive pipework, upgrading an existing split air conditioning system is simple.

  • Features

    Zero Downtime During Installation

    The simplicity of installing the Vision H₂O allows for each unit to be installed quickly and efficiently with no downtime for the room. Many hotel installations benefit from installing the unit without any downtime or disruption to normal service and room bookings limiting the loss of revenue as the hotel’s normal operations are not noticeably disrupted by the installation.

  • Features

    Flexible Controls At Your Fingertips

    The unit can be controlled 4 different ways depending on your requirements. Besides the newly enlarged remote control, the on-board control allows the user to set any possible function, including a “lock” position to avoid un-proper use and weekly scheduling. The mobile APP allows the management of the unit from remote positions through WIFI such as a hotel reception desk controlling multiple units from one location.


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