The new AIRCO290 is a packaged wall-mounted twin duct heat pump air-conditioning unit that is compatible and built and ready for the UK, European and American markets. It’s technically advanced to use R290 refrigerant gas, which has the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) of any gas in its class. The new AIRCO290  is an affordable and economical air conditioning for homes, offices, hotels and garden rooms with rapid installation and minimalistic design without needing any outdoor condenser unit.

  • MountingHigh & Low Wall
  • SupplyElectric
  • Installation Time3/4 Hours
  • Benefits

    Climate Friendly.

    • Compatible & Available For UK, European & American Markets
    • R290 Gas
    • No External Condenser Required
    • WiFi Control / Touch Screen / Remote Control
    • Energy Efficient & Cost Effective
    • Simply & Easy Installation
  • Features

    No External Condenser

    Traditional split A/C systems often mar the external visual appeal of buildings due to the unsightly appearance of the outdoor condenser. However, with the innovative AIRCO290, this concern becomes a thing of the past. This unit is a packaged heat pump, eliminating the need for any external condenser or associated pipes. As a result, the external facade of your hotel or building remains aesthetically pleasing, with no visible signs of an awkward outdoor unit.

  • Features

    R290 Gas

    R290 has a 40% reduction in refrigerant charge compared with R404, which makes it cheaper to run in the long run. With a low GWP due to its latest refrigerant R290, it has a very high-performance heat output, from the heat pump at low sub-zero temperatures due to the efficiency of Gas.

  • Features

    Streamline Design

    The AIRCO290 has a thin design of only 205mm wide, measuring 1000mm wide, which allows its compact size to be installed in almost any room on an exterior wall.

  • Features

    European & American Compatability

    As well as being certified for use in the UK, the AIRCO290 from Powrmatic can be used in all European and American markets, making it the perfect solution for condominium home owner’s, apartments, hotels, townhouses, modular homes, Ranches, and many more.

  • Features

    Control Options & WIFI

    The AIRCO290 can be controlled via the onboard touchscreen controls, remote and also via WIFI through a dedicated AIRCO290 app available to download on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Features

    4 In 1 functionality

    The AIRCO290 has a 4-in-1 capability, including cooling / heating / fan and dehumidifying.


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