Whittlebury Hall Hotel & Spa

Vision condenser-less air conditioning units for large hotel

55 customised Powrmatic Vision 2.3 condenserless heat pump air conditioners were installed at Whittlebury Hall Conference, Training Centre and Hotel.

  • Building Size55 rooms, training centre & conference hall
  • Product InstalledVision 2.3
  • Installed ByTEUMTUM
  • “We are very pleased with the Vision 2.3 units, in terms of their performance and the ease of control they offer our guests through the touchscreens, as well as their discreet appearance from the outside of the building. We were also impressed that the units could be installed so quickly, with no downtime for rooms and within a tight schedule to ensure readiness for the Grand Prix.”

    David Munson - Whittlebury Hall Hotel Manager

Project Background

Whittlebury Hall Hotel & Spa offers a wide range of modern corporate hospitality facilities for conferences, exhibitions and training as well as extensive leisure and dining facilities. Accommodation includes five suites, 50 club rooms and 159 standard rooms.

A fast-track project was required to insure the rooms were fully ready for the 2015 Silverstone Grand Prix. The Hall’s proximity to Silverstone ensures that this is a particularly busy time for the hotel with many drivers and team crews using it as their base during the event.

Project Solution

55 customised Powrmatic Vision 2.3 condenserless heat pump air conditioners were installed at Whittlebury Hall Conference, Training Centre and Hotel, close to the Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire . The Vision 2.3 units were selected for their ability to meet key criteria relating to internal and external aesthetics as well as speed of installation and ease of use.

The first phase of the refurbishment programme saw installation of 55 Vision 2.3 units into executive suites and club rooms as part of a fast-track project.


Project Result

The packaged design of the Vision 2.3, with no requirement for an outdoor unit, enables these units to be installed very quickly, which proved invaluable in meeting the challenging project schedule. It also helped to ensure there was no downtime in the rooms as the units could be installed during the day while guests were elsewhere.

The second phase of the refurbishment will see all of the remaining 159 rooms fitted with Vision 2.3 units during the course of 2016.

The condenserless design of the units also met Whittlebury Hall’s requirements to retain the clean, uncluttered lines of its facades as Vision 2.3 connects to the outside through two discreet 162 mm diameter holes. The external grilles were painted dark red to match the external brickwork.

Inside the rooms the contemporary styling of the Vision 2.3, combined with very low noise levels, ensures they deliver efficient and unobtrusive heating and cooling to maintain comfortable conditions. Guests are able to adjust temperature and fan speed to suit their preferences using the on-board touchscreen controls.

In addition to ensuring the comfort of its guests, the hotel will benefit from the Class A energy-efficient performance of the Vision 2.3 air conditioners, helping to minimise energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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