Shropshire Light Aviation Aircraft Hangar Heating

Aircraft Hangar Heating Solution

Powrmatic was selected to supply an energy-efficient radiant heating solution for a WW2 aircraft hangar at Shropshire Light Aviation in Shrewsbury. The LPG fired Powrmatic/SRP radiant heaters were installed by Lindon Heating & Cooling.

  • “The customer is delighted with the result. We controlled them individually to give total flexibility. The system has greatly reduced running costs.”

    James Greaves - Lindon Heating & Cooling

Project Background

The World War II aircraft hangar at Shropshire Light Aviation required a spot heating solution for staff to carry out essential work and maintenance on various aircraft within the hangar. Powrmatic worked in partnership with Lindon Heating and Cooling. Each radiant heater was controlled individually to give the customer greater flexibility and reduce energy costs.

Project Solution

Lindon Heating & Cooling specified and installed 2 Powrmatic/SRP Linear U-Tube range of radiant heaters as the best solution to provide effective heating. With the doors constantly opening and closing, a radiant heating solution was installed which eliminated the potential release of warm air within the hangar which would instantly be replaced with colder air from outside. The radiant heaters were able to keep staff warm even with the doors opening.

Project Result

The Powrmatic/SRP range utilises premium ASTM 1100 Aluminium, the reflectors are formed with a 100% efficient reflector profile designed to maximise the downward radiant heating effect and increase maximum efficiency which was essential to provide spot heating for the aircraft engineers. This Aircraft hangar heating solution was able to provide a fast warm-up time. Radiant heaters get to full heat output within a few minutes. It then starts transmitting infrared energy to the surfaces. The customer was delighted with the result and the system has greatly reduced running costs.