Commercial Blinds Showroom Heating

Showroom Heating

1 PowrmaticLNVx50 gas-fired warm air space heater was installed along with 2 CECx 1400 destratifications fans for a showroom heating solution for Commercial Blinds in Rochdale in a 464m² building installed by C.K Services.

  • Building Size464m²
  • Product InstalledLNVx / CECx
  • Installed ByC.K Services
  • “By Installing the LNVx warm air heater with destratification fans, just one heater would provide sufficient heating for the showroom. The destratification fans work in harmony with the warm air heating system to return the warm air from the roof space back to the occupied space”

    Andy Smith - C.K Services

Project Background

Commercial Blinds & Glazing are an efficient and reliable nationwide supplier of high-quality blinds and glazing solutions which required a showroom heating solution as their brand-new purpose-built showroom facility which was installed by C.K Services working in partnership with Valley Mechanical who was the main contractor.

Project Solution

An gas fired warm air LNVx50kW heater was installed with horizontal flue along with 2 CECx destratification fans to provide an efficient showroom heating solution by the building. A well-designed destratification system ensures effective distribution of heat throughout the space so that stratification is minimised and there is only a minimal temperature gradient between the working zone and the roof space. The ability of the destratification system to reduce the temperature of the air in the roof space also reduces the rate of heat loss through the roof. 

Project Result

The destratification fans were programmed to come on only when the warm air heater is active, and when in heat mode. The LNVx range has been optimised, enabling environmental designers to match outputs and airflow characteristics with a wide variety of different buildings and applications. The combination of the warm air heaters and destratification fans provided efficient showroom heating solution for both the staff and customers. 

m² warehouse
LNVx installed
CECx installed
Kw output