Big Motoring World Garage Workshop Heating

Garage Workshop Heating Solution

Powrmatic was selected to supply a Warm Air and Radiant Heating solution for a 5500m² car garage & workshop for Big Motoring World, Peterborough. The final approved design included seven x 50kW Radiant Tube Heaters and nine x LNVx 140kW High-Level Warm Air Unit Heaters also selected were twenty x CECx Heat Recovery Destratification Fans, all installed by FlueGas Ltd.

  • “We are very happy with the units and the warmth they now have, also there was no disruption from the installer, he worked around them including over Christmas when the unit was shut. Our staff are hugely impressed with the difference now the heaters are in and working.”

    Unit Manager - Big Motoring World

Project Background

Big Motoring World is the UK’s leading independent pre-owned prestige car supermarket. From our humble beginning trading from our CEO’s driveway, we are now amongst the Motor Trader Top 10 Independent Dealership in the country. Over 30 years of delivering quality pre-owned cars to the nation, we have picked up some prestigious industry awards along the way. Big Motoring World required a Garage Workshop Heating heating solution for a 5500m² building from Powrmatic.

Project Solution

Powrmatic was approached by the team at FlueGas, The challenge was to design energy-efficient systems to heat the building where they store and repair all the cars before they head to the dealers. The requirement to ensure that there was enough heat capacity to meet the customer’s requirements, as there are seven large roller doors individual Powrmatic SRP 50KW radiant heater were chosen for each door area as they are frequently open. Nine LNVx 140kW warm air units and twenty CECx destrat fans serve the internal areas.
Each LNVx heater was installed with a single wall horizontal flue kit while time and temperature is controlled by individual Powrmatic MC200 controllers. The Powrmatic SRP Radiant U-Tube Heaters are also controlled by Powrmatic MC200 controllers with remote black bulb sensors. The remote radiant black blub sensors allow temperatures to be controlled adjacent to the doors permitting other areas served by the Warm Air Unit Heaters to be controlled more accurately.

Project Result

Powrmatic delivered the products in two phases to suit the installer’s schedule, first phase being delivered only four days after order, the second phase four days after that. Installation took place over a short period before Christmas; the system was fully commissioned and handed over to Big Motoring World. They are very happy with the comfort and efficiency and so are the employees.

m² building
SRP 50kW Radiant heaters installed
LNVx 140kW heaters installed
CECx Destratification fans installed