Apec Braking Distribution Warehouse Heating

Distribution Warehouse Heating Solution

Powrmatic supplied a TEG41 air rotation heater for a large distribution warehouse facility in Bristol which was installed by our trusted partners at RSY Air Conditioning.

  • Building Size10,488 m²
  • Product InstalledTEG41 Air Rotation Heater
  • Installed ByRSY Air Conditioning & Heating
  • “We knew when this project was awarded, the Powrmatic Air Rotation heater was the perfect solution for our client. The modular construction of the T.E allows for easy installation and the performance is exactly what our client required to help protect the internal sprinkler system from freezing”

    Lee Saville - RSY Air Conditioning

Project Background

Supplying the motor trade for over 50 years, Apec Braking is firmly established as the leading specialist braking supplier to motor factors throughout the UK and Ireland. The 10,488 m² distribution warehouse required frost protection with design parameters of -5°c external and +10°c internal.

Project Solution

Just one TEG41 air rotation heater was installed by our trusted partners RSY Air Conditioning.  This TEG41 heater was designed to deliver an impressive 420kW of heat output. The TEG41 heater uses high volume, low velocity, air-circulation to distribute conditioned air to large open space and is the perfect solution for any distribution warehouse heating requirements. Due to the customers requirement to maximise the amount of racking within the warehouse area the distance of the unit from racking was much less than would be usually recommend (it was under 2mtrs from face of heater to face of full height racking).

Project Result

The newly styled Powrmatic Air rotation units in our new RAL 7015 colour were installed by RSY Air Conditioning. The unit was redesigned at the top of the unit to be top exit rather than the conventional design. The theory behind this was to direct the leaving air towards the roof and use the internal profile of the roof to aid with stratifying the air across the building length. The racked distribution warehouse will now benefit from a frost protection system which will protect the internal sprinkler system from freezing in the colder months.

m² warehouse
TEG41 installed
Kw output