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Working With Partners To Deliver The Best Solutions For End Users

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22 February 2018

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The strong relationship between Powrmatic and its installer partners continues to deliver efficient, cost-effective and tailored solutions for end users. This is clearly exemplified by a number of recent projects with Lindon Heating.

For instance, Builders Merchant Boys and Boden has been using Powrmatic heaters, installed by Lindon Heating, in its retail sites and workshops for over 15 years. Recently, the retail site at Welshpool was fitted with an ErP compliant Powrmatic OUH oil fired suspended unit heater, replacing a floor standing unit at the rear of the sales area. As well as providing more effective heating of the counter area, whilst maintaining comfort conditions in the rest of the space, the new suspended heater has helped to free up floor space for other purposes.

oil unit heater

oil unit heater

In contrast, at HCI Systems in Shropshire the best solution for achieving an optimum working environment was to install a Powrmatic PTUL radiant heater, due to the layout of the space. Careful siting of the heater ensures that radiated heat is directed to precisely where it’s needed.

Another long-term customer of both Powrmatic and Lindon is mobility aid manufacturer Ableworld, also in Shropshire. Here, the requirement was to provide a suitable heating solution for a newly refurbished shop in Newport. Lindon Heating selected a Powrmatic suspended NVx warm air heater to meet the requirements for quiet, efficient heating in the retail area.

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