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Steve Latimer Expands Powrmatic's Radiant Heating Focus

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15 March 2019

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Powrmatic Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Latimer as Radiant & Business Development Consultant. Steve will bring unrivalled customer focused knowledge of radiant products and system designs, he will be working with our internal and external sales teams to promote Powrmatic SRP Radiant Tube Systems, our new upgraded Powrmatic SRP Radiant Plaque heaters along with other radiant engineered products.

  • “Working with the Powrmatic internal and external teams to enhance their knowledge of the UK radiant market and system design along with the chance to work alongside Powrmatics other product experts to make a real difference to all our customers will be a rewarding project”

    Steve Latimer

Steve served a formal apprenticeship, entering the industrial heating industry over fifty years ago with a major UK warm air manufacturer.

Starting a successful career as a technical sales engineer, he not only worked with warm air system design but bulk hot water storage, fuel services and radiant plaque systems. Steve spent over thirty years with a major UK radiant tube manufacturer before deciding that Powrmatic gave him the ideal opportunity to re-focus on the customer whilst supporting the teams at Powrmatic.

  • “With an industry leading knowledge and proven track record in driving radiant sales and system design, having Steve with us to focus on the “black radiant art” further supports our focus on being the market leader in UK HVAC”

    Paul Fox – General Sales Manager

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