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Powrmatic Launches Vertical Slimline Packaged Heat Pump

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05 July 2018

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Powrmatic has launched the Vision VertiCool range of twin-duct, condenserless heat pump air conditioners, featuring a vertical slimline profile to enable siting in narrow spaces such as between windows or in corners. As such, Vision VertiCool is ideal for spaces where access to an external low or high wall is limited.

As with all Powrmatic Vision models, VertiCool is a condenserless unit, requiring no external condenser. The only connections to the outside are via a 160mm twin duct and a 14mm aperture for condensate pipe, making installation fast and straightforward with minimal disruption to the building and its external aesthetics. Use of a standard 13A plug for power helps to ease installation even further.

Vision VertiCool units, available in 2.3kW and 3.1kW versions, can provide heating and cooling at ambient temperatures ranging from -6⁰C to +31⁰C. Heating can be further boosted by an integrated 1kW electrical resistance heater, which automatically intervenes at exceptionally low outdoor temperatures.

VertiCool units offer a range of control options, including onboard controls, remote control and remotely via an app using WiFi. The latter option is particularly useful for organisations such as hotels that need to control multiple units from a central location.

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