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Powrmatic Bowls Championship A Success

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23 September 2015

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Over 40 Powrmatic employees took part in the ‘Powrmatic Bowls Championship’ which saw production staff take on the office staff at our local bowling club in Donyatt, Somerset. With many players taking to the green for the first time, the introduction and demonstration from a Donyatt Bowling Captain didn’t really sink in, which resulted in many stray bowls ending up in the gutter or on the other lanes.



(Our Operations Manager Paul Senior showing his perfect bowling technique)


(Our  Technical Support Guru Chris Lamprill sending one down into the gutter)

As the competition progressed throughout the evening, the production teams started to show their bowling skill knocking out all of the office staff teams in the first rounds. Some superb yet probably lucky shots started to appear, especially from so called ‘Rookie’ Jason Andrews from production . After the drinks and buffet break, the competition started to heat up between the production teams and each shot had to be perfect. There were some more great shots along with the occasional stray gutter ball which brought some applause and laughter respectively.




The final saw two production teams take the game to a tie breaker after 3 games drawing on points. With the pressure on, Mikey, Mickey, Jason and James took home the Powrmatic Trophy along with the £100 prize money kindly donated from our Managing Director Phil Brompton. The night was a great success and the planning is underway for the next team outing. Powrmatic would like to thank Donyatt Bowling Club for the hospitality and assistance on the night.



(The winning team of Jason, James, Mikey and Micky pictured with Phil Brompton receiving the coveted Powrmatic Trophy)

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