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Installer Spotlight - MCL Energy

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15 September 2020

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We proudly value and support our network of loyal installers who are at the forefront of everything we do. We spoke with our valued engineers at MCL Energy to tell us a bit more about their business and to share their experience of working with Powrmatic.

Tell us a little about you, what you guys do, and how it all began?

Our humble beginnings were back in the early eighties when we were undertaking steam decentralisation to radiant heating systems with early building energy management systems. From this point, we started service and maintenance divisions in steam and commercial heating. Latterly we acquired a family run air conditioning business back in 2011 so that could offer full HVAC and steam service, maintenance and installation services to our new and existing client base.

The Company employs around 40 staff and we work from Scotland down through the North East, Midlands and South East serving commercial clients, manufacturing sites and hospital and schools.

Our commercial heating team has grown over the past five years and we have a dedicated installation team to facilitate warm air heating installations which include heat loss, design, installation, commission then follow on service to ensure the customer receives a complete solution which can include gas infrastructure upgrades, BEMS connectivity and PPM’s.

How long have you been working with Powrmatic?

We have worked with Powrmatic for almost a decade now and have a great relationship with the Company

Why do you like working with Powrmatic?

The products are market-leading, the efficiency and technologies are always ahead of the competition and the support we receive is excellent. On occasion when we have needed a part or unit dispatching same day Powrmatic have always been able to support us and in turn enabled MCL to support our client base. That’s how it should be right?

What does a typical day look like for a heating engineer?

Given the diversity of our client base it could be that our engineer leaves their residence and typically drives to the client where deliveries have already been made to ensure on arrival we can get straight on with the works once the appropriate safety checks and RAMS have been approved by the client’s representative.

From using access equipment to mount the new Powrmatic LNVx on the uni-strut to connecting the flexible gas hose or safely accessing roof for flue installations the work is rewarding and technical.

Many jobs have similarities but none are identical which means the diversity and interest in undertaking the best job possible is always key

Whats the most useful bit of kit in your toolbox?

Crimping machine to ensure safe, quick, efficient connection of stainless steel gas services to newly installed heaters. Following the crimper its the lazer alignment tool to ensure the heaters are mounted exactly as they should be both level and uniform.

Whats your favourite Powrmatic product to install and why?

It would have to the new Powrmatic LNVx range of heaters as these units are efficient, reliable and given our extensive experience relatively easy to install at a customer site. The units are competitive in terms of features and costs in comparison to alternate manufacturers which is always positive.

What does the future hold for you, and the HVAC industry as a whole?

Like any business and any industry there are challenges and hurdles but we have been around for 40-years and recent Covid-19 pandemic aside, we have managed to weather and steer a successful course throughout. Companies such as Powrmatic providing such great products it certainly assists in the longer-term success of the company.

If you are a registered Powrmatic Equipment Installer on our website and want to be featured, contact your Powrmatic Area Sales Manager to find out more.

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