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  • Ferroli Energy Top - Wall Mounted

    Efficient Wall Mounted Boiler

    Both in the residential and the commercial field, wide output modulation range of Energy Top, additionally enhanced in modular installation, together with its low hydraulic pressure drop, allows design and carrying out of flexible systems with extremely compact dimensions, fully in line with the latest heating technology design criteria.

    Ferroli Energy Top - Wall Mounted - Efficient Wall Mounted Boiler
  • Ferroli Energy Top - Wall Mounted

    Cascading Boiler Operation

    Multiple generators can be linked. The models are factory configured for operation on natural gas and can be converted to LPG using a special conversion kit.

    Ferroli Energy Top - Wall Mounted - Cascading Boiler Operation
  • Ferroli Energy Top - Wall Mounted

    Pre Mixed Air-Gas Combustion

    The new total premixed air-gas combustion unit with variable speed fan, pneumatic gas valve and cylindrical metal fibre burner allows a range of modulation that, depending on the model, can extend from 11 to 100% of rated output, with efficiency exceeding 107%. Heat exchange takes place in the spiral corrugated pipe exchanger, which features low pressure drop. Despite the high heat exchange surface, it is particularly sturdy and compact.

    Ferroli Energy Top - Wall Mounted - Pre Mixed Air-Gas Combustion
  • Ferroli Energy Top - Wall Mounted

    Control Simplicity

    The evolved electronics on ENERGY TOP can perfectly manage applications where multiple heat generators are used in cascading, minimising the configuration and commissioning operations. The Energy Top is fitted with a friendly multi-function display panel, which controls all basic parameters and is easy to operate.

    Ferroli Energy Top - Wall Mounted - Control Simplicity

Wall mounted heat generators featuring a premix burner, condensing operation, very high efficiency and very low polluting emissions.

Suitable for heating only systems, featuring high energy savings and are environmentally-friendly (4 star energy rating). Cascading connection of multiple generators can be performed using special flue gas and water circuit accessories. The models are configured for operation on natural gas but can be converted to LPG using a special conversion kit.

Features Include:

  • Modulating high efficiency premix condensing boiler for heating installations
  • Modular installation without the need of additional controllers
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Independent external switching of controls to maximise efficiency
  • Hot surface ignition with independent flame detection probe
  • Low water pressure protection switch
  • Independent internal 6 bar safety valve
  • Can be used on pressurised systems or open vented systems where min. 1 bar is available
  • Modular boiler control – The Energy Top W is ready for modular application. The heat output of the various modules can be optimised according to the heating load of the system
  • Unique spiral corrugated heat exchanger

The quality of the materials used ensures the exchanger a high level of resistance to corrosion and thermal dilations, supporting a max ?T of 40°C. . The very low polluting emissions - NOx and CO - as well as minimising the environmental impact of these heat generators (class 5 according to EN 297/A5), also let the heat exchanger remaining clean over time, reducing to the minimum maintenance intervention. Ignition is electronic, with flame control by ionisation.

The heating units have been designed with two different heat input ratings: 75 and 116 kW, and based on the total output, the various models of ENERGY TOP can house one or two units of 75 or 116 kW each, always inside a unique cabinet structure. The models with two heating units are also managed by the same electronic controller.The MASTER/SLAVE control function allows operation of a series of cascaded boilers, without requiring an additional control unit. With just a simple connection (two wires) between the control boards of the boilers in the cascade, the entire system acts as a single virtual boiler.

The safety circuit reduces boiler lockout and system shutdown, automatically attempting to ignite the module three times in the event of temporary shutdown (natural gas versions). If the shutdown occurs repeatedly, the system goes into permanent lockout mode, for safety reasons. Control board features a series of input and output signals, both analogue and digital (on/off), in order to control or adjust the operation of the single boiler or the entire cascade system also via a remote connection.

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