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  • Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted

    Efficient Condensing Boiler

    ECONCEPT 51A boilers are high efficiency condensing generators, with extremely low polluting emissions, operating with natural gas or LPG. Each component has been studied in order to reach the maximum yeld. The boilers are indeed certified as 4 stars efficiency according to Directive 92/42 EEC and class 5 for Nox emissions according to Directive EN 297/A5.

    Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted - Efficient Condensing Boiler
  • Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted

    Cascading Boiler Capability

    The ECONCEPT 51A series modules have been developed for connection in series to make up a single heat generator that, in steps of 50kW, can have a total output up to 250kW.

    Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted - Cascading Boiler Capability
  • Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted

    Premix Ceramic Burners

    ECONCEPT 51A feature premix ceramic burners with reverse micro-flames. Each burner is made up of six plates fastened via a special gasket to a metal frame capable of absorbing thermal expansion.

    Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted - Premix Ceramic Burners
  • Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted

    Highly Efficient Heat Exchanger

    The highly efficient Ferroli fin and tubes aluminium heat exchanger, designed at our state-of-the-art research and development facility, yields efficiency values among the highest, reaching 109%. It is set out to ensure effective condensation of water vapour in the flue gas.

    Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted - Highly Efficient Heat Exchanger
  • Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted

    Friendly Controls

    Each ECONCEPT 51-A module is fitted with a friendly multi-function display panel, which controls all basic parameters and is easy to operate

    Ferroli Econcept 51A -Wall Mounted - Friendly Controls

Wall mounted modulating condensing boiler for heating with premix burner with very low emissions Modular, premix, condensing heat generators, with very high efficiency and very low polluting emission, operating on natural gas or LPG. These generators have been designed to be installed in modular configurations, (up to five) to extend the benefits of high-efficiency heating to larger applications.

Features Include:

  • Modulating high efficiency premix condensing boiler for heating installations
  • Modular installation without the need of additional controllers
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Independent external switching of controls to maximise efficiency
  • Hot surface ignition with independent flame detection probe
  • Low water pressure protection switch
  • Independent internal 6 bar safety valve
  • Can be used on pressurised systems or open vented systems where min. 1 bar is available
  • Modular boiler control – The Econcept 51A is ready for modular application. The heat output of the various modules can be optimised according to the heating load of the system

The cermaic burners release very low polluting emissions, interms of both NOx (class 5 according to EN 297/A5) and CO. In the reality the NOx emissions of ECONCEPT 51A arebelow 35 mg/kWh, which represent 50% of the emissions allowed by class 5. Besides small impact on the environment, this very small emission of polluting particles keeps the exchanger clean for a longer time, reducing to minimum the need of maintenance intervention.

The aluminium heat exchanger is designed to maintain its high performance characteristics over time, and is proven in long-life service –the optimum balance of highest efficiency and longest life.

The controls handle the central heating pump plus a second pump or diverting selector valve for the hot water storage cylinder. In addition, it manages the signals coming from the central heating, domestic hot water storage and outside temperature probes, and the 0-10 remote control signal.

Generators of range ECONCEPT 51A have been developped for modular application, thus building a unique generator that can reach an output of about 500 kW (250 kW for wall-hung models 51A). Electronic boards of single generators are studied for an efficient operation in cascade installations, offering in this configuration a modulation range from a minimum output of 11 kW to a maxiumum of 500 kW (or 250 kW for WHB). The ECONCEPT 51A modules are supplied without expansion vessels: they must be suitably sized according to the number of modules in the installation and according to the current law requirements.

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