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  • Powrmatic PQ-A3L Electric Quartz Infrared Heater (3 phase)

    The high quality infrared heaters have been specially designed to heat large, difficult to heat buildings that require a high powered, effective, energy efficient heating solution. The streamlined infrared heaters offer unrivalled reliability and easy installation and are available from 1kW to 18kW configurations.

    Powrmatic PQ-A3L Electric Quartz Infrared Heater (3 phase) -

Industrial & Commercial Electric Quartz Infrared Heaters

The Powrmatic PQ-A3L Electric Quartz Infrared Heater is a robust yet lightweight infrared space heater that is designed to heat large floor space areas with high ceilings. It provides instant warmth to objects and people, rather than heating the air around it and making the atmosphere stuffy and uncomfortable.

The Powrmatic PQ-A3L Electric Quartz Infrared Heater body has been designed with integral heat sinks designed to dissipate the heat away from the heater body, thus keeping it cool and running at a safe operating temperature. This in turn elongates the life of the quartz infrared heater and the components within it.

The Powrmatic PQ-A3L Electric Quartz Infrared Heater comes as standard with three phase wiring built into the heater body and is available in power configurations of 6kW, 9kW all the way up to 12kW. The powerful A3L space heater helps save energy costs by spot heating targeted zones or work areas.

Product Features

  • Heat Coverage Area 50.7m sq.
  •  6.0kW - 12.0kW
  •  17.0kg

The  range of high powered heaters have been designed and manufactured at the highest standard to provide radiant heat to commercial and industrial environments at high level. The range boasts all of the performance benefits associated with full quartz shortwave technology while providing an economic solution for industrial and commercial heating requirements. It offers all the convenience of electricity together with very low running costs when compared to other forms of heating. The range sells itself on its ‘fit and forget’ reputation which proves its reliability, durability and virtually maintenance free benefits.

The range of quartz infrared heaters to suit any application requiring a reliable heating solution including commercial, domestic, outdoor and industrial heating such as Factories and Warehouses, Churches, Sports Halls, Aircraft Hangers, Universities and Education Centres, Shopping Centres and any large hard to heat buildings.

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