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  • IL Domestic Twin Wall Gas Vent Flue

    Oil Vent Flue System

    IL is a twin wall gas vent system for domestic naturally aspirated gas fired non-condensing heating equipment. Available in 100, 125 & 150mm internal diameters. For external applications use the insulated ILS Oil Vent System.

    IL Domestic Twin Wall Gas Vent Flue - Oil Vent Flue System

IL is a twin wall insulated pre-fabricated domestic gas vent that has been used in the UK for over 25 years, having built a reputation for quality and reliability. The IL gas vent is designed for naturally aspirated domestic gas fired appliances with a draught hood / diverter and where the chimney is required to operate under negative pressure and dry conditions and the flue gas temperatures will not exceed 250°C.

Available in three diameter sizes covering 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. The product consists of an aluminium liner and a zalutite outer case, separated by a 6mm air gap. IL is suitable for internal and external applications, although SFL would recommend that ILS is used for external applications where the run exceeds 3.0 metres. This product is not suitable for condensing and positive pressure applications.

  •  Air gap insulated to minimise condensation
  •  Aluminium liner
  •  Interchangeable with ILS for external flue runs.
  •  Strong rigid system, suitable for use on caravan / holiday homes, subject to appliance type.

Additional Information

  • Designation 1: T250 N1 D Vm L11030 O(50)
  • Suitable Fuels: Gas
  • Application: Negative (N1)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 250°C
  • Positive Pressure Capability: 40Pa (N1)
  • Condensate Resistance (W): No
  • Distance to Combustible: 50mm
  • Sootfire Resistance: No
  • Corrosion Resistance: See Material Specification
  • Diameter Range (mm): 100mm, 127mm, 150mm
  • Inner Liner Specification: 0.3mm Aluminium
  • Insulation: 6mm Air Gas
  • Insulation Density: N/A
  • Outer Case Specification: Zalutite
  • Joint Design: Push Fit / Twist Lock
  • Environment: Internal / External (Max. 3 metres)
  • Additional Notes: Where the external run is more than three metres, SFL would suggest using the ILS product which is both insulated and also compatible with IL.

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